Since the outbreak of the covid 19, the global business was heavily influenced.

Since the outbreak of the covid 19, the global business was heavily influenced . From the sea shipping back log to the material short supply and area and port shut down.As a royal hanger manufacturer,we are trying everything we can get our hand on to keep our production and assist customer to ship their orders in time.

2022 is the 3rd year of the pandamic. The threat is still not far from us.We need to keep the necessary interventions to keep our workers safe from any possibility of infection.

2022 is a specially hot year,the heat is sweeping across the global. It is a big challenge for our factory too. To cope with the heat,to protect our workers’ health and keep the production ability.
We took measures for cooling down the working environment. Keep good ventilation, offer cooling drink and other health care.

Under the gloomy global economic projection ,thanks to the trust of our customers,we are taking 100% of our factory production ability to produce our customers orders.From injection of hanger,quality control,packing,QC inspection to final shipment.Every process have our full attention.
Even in a very busy state,safety,quality is still our first principal.
From the pictures you can see,everything in our factory is in perfect order. The floor is clean, the ground is clean.We stock the carton neatly in the warehouse and seperated the different POs with lables.
When the container is arriving, we firstly check the container number Is the correct ,then check the container condition is suitable for loading the goods. The 6 sides and 4 corners of the container will be carefully checked to make sure there is no leaking area.
Then we clean the container floor to make sure it is clean and dry.After that,we start loading the cartons and handle the loading with care to keep the carton in good condition.

Thank you for everyone’s effort,we ship our customers’ order in time .


Post time: Aug-03-2022