Our Plastic hanger products have the following features and advantages

Lightweight plastic hanger for supermarket: Plastic clothes hangers are made of lightweight plastic materials, which are lightweight and easy to carry and use. Sturdy and durable: The plastic clothes hanger has an optimized design, stable structure, strong load-bearing capacity, and can be used for a long time.Normally, it is packed with papercard or color box.

Anti-slip design: The surface of the plastic clothes hanger is treated with anti-slip treatment, which can effectively prevent the clothes from slipping and protect the clothes from deformation. Multi-Functional

Design: Plastic clothes hangers are designed in various shapes and sizes and can be adapted to different types of clothing, such as tops,coat,suits pants, skirts, etc.

Environmentally Eco friendly and healthy: Plastic clothes hangers are made of environmentally friendly plastic materials and wheat straw, do not contain harmful substances, are harmless to the human body, and comply with environmental protection requirements. Economical and practical: Plastic clothes hangers are relatively low-priced and have a long service life.

Heavy duty plastic hanger: The main function of plastic coat hangers is to provide a structure to support and hang coats, help maintain the shape of the coat, protect the clothes from deformation, and facilitate the storage and display of coats. 

They are an economical and practical tool for hanging clothes. In short, plastic clothes hangers have the characteristics and advantages of being lightweight, durable, anti-slip design, multi-functional, environmentally friendly, healthy and economical and practical, and are suitable for various occasions and different types of clothing hanging.

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Post time: Oct-13-2023