New eco-friendly/ biodegradable Hanger

Sustainability issues continue to grow in importance among today’s consumers, and the fashion industry has begun to heed calls to eliminate single-use plastics and reduce its carbon footprint. While many retailers look to reduce plastic across areas such as packaging and deliveries with the rise of online orders, it is also important to look deeper into the supply chain and merchandise of products in bricks and mortar stores to identify areas to improve.

With the development of society,environmental problems are becoming more and more serious,so we developed some new eco-friendly/ biodegradable clothes/top/shirt/suit Hanger,pant/trouser hanger,its good for the environment.

We’ll use wheat straw materials together with PP to make hangers, you can also choose corn starch or bamboo fiber materials, the hanger looks very beautiful, some photos as below for review.


Our eco-friendly hangers can be tailored to your specific requirements using dye from natural origins – we can stain and colour your chosen style whilst a company branding can also be added to personalise further.

Our mission is to drive sustainability throughout the global apparel, retail supply chain by bringing solutions to market that are proven and complimentary to our customers' business models.  We do this by integrating sustainable elements into our own design, development and sourcing efforts and by identifying third-party products that have positive impacts on the environment and society.

All brands and retailers should focus on eliminating single-use and wasteful merchandising techniques and move to more sustainable solutions.

With retailers and domestic customers all understanding the importance of sustainability we are confident we can help you with your journey to improving waste and supporting nature. Contact our team for further enquiries. We are based in China and we offer the goods to worldwide.

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Post time: Nov-02-2022