Let us talk different kinds of clothes Hanger

The classification of hangers is as follows:

1.Wooden hangers: usually made of pine wood,lotus wood,maple wood,or beech wood. Luxury in shape and light in texture,some for brand shop or supermarket.Solid and durable, stylish appearance.


2.Plastic hangers: various shapes, some lightweight and cheap. Some heavy duty with wide shoulders,high quality with rubber coating. Eco friendly plastic hanger with fiber materials.


3.Fabric hangers: made of fabric material, the function is as follows: 1. Provide clothing storage space: By hanging on the hanger, the clothes can be kept neat and clean, avoiding wrinkling and damage. 2. Convenient to organize clothes: Hangers can help us sort and organize clothes so that we can easily find the clothes we need. 3. Save storage space: space, make the wardrobe more tidy.
Easy to care for clothes: When using hangers, we can properly hang clothes on it, and put the same type of clothes together for easy cleaning and care.

Here are some hanger tidbits:
1.The color of the hanger is less disturbing, making it easy for people to distinguish their own clothes.
2.The size of the hanger: Different types of hangers have different sizes. Choosing the right hanger can prevent clothes from being deformed or damaged.
3.Ways to hang clothes: Different clothes have different hanging ways, such as clip hangers.
4.Details: Some hangers may have sharp cuts on the edges, so be careful not to scratch the clothes when using them. At the same time, some hangers may have strong clips, so you need to pay attention to adjusting the strength when using them.
5. The purchase of clothes hangers: When purchasing clothes hangers, not only the appearance and price should be considered, but also factors such as quality and materials should be considered to ensure the practicality and durability of the clothes hangers.
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