Kingston got GRS certified recently

Kingston Ltd. is a professional hanger production and sales enterprise, enjoying a good reputation in the industrial product market. Not long ago, we obtained GRS certification, which is a high recognition of its environmental protection and social responsibility.


 GRS certification is a certification based on sustainable development standards issued by an international certification body. It aims to evaluate the sustainability of raw materials, energy and water used in the production process of enterprises, as well as social responsibility, environmental impact and management level. . Passing the GRS certification not only shows the company's good awareness of environmental protection and social responsibility, but also demonstrates its ultimate pursuit of quality.

 Since its establishment, Kingston has been adhering to the enterprise spirit of "quality first, service first, innovation-oriented", and strictly controls every link from production to sales to ensure the high quality and excellent performance of the products . As a competitive and professional hanger production and sales enterprise, it has advanced equipment and superb technology, and has a certain scale and great influence in the industrial product market.


In recent years, Kingston has continuously carried out technological innovation and equipment upgrades on the previous basis, developed a more efficient production line, and adopted various measures to further strengthen its own management level, such as establishing a comprehensive Quality management system, strengthened control of raw materials, etc., further improved product quality, met consumers' demand for high-quality products, and won many honors.

 To sum up, Kingston is a professional hanger production and sales enterprise with strong strength, advanced technology, social responsibility and environmental awareness. Obtaining GRS certification is not only a recognition of the company's outstanding performance, but also It is the response and affirmation of the quality demand of consumers. As the market continues to grow, I believe that the future of Kingston will be brighter.


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Post time: May-26-2023