How to increase production value by 20% in 2022 ?

2022 is the third year of the pandemic.There is a gloomy economic expectation from different fields.

Kingston realized the goal of 20% increase of the hanger production value.We must thank the people who take part in and who contribute their efforts.

Firstly,we must thank our research and development department.They developed many new items for our customers.They act fast,when customer give us the idea of the hanger,they work out the solutions for customers.Help customer to turn their idea into design asap.And open the mould quickly to turn the design into products.

new machines

Secondly,we must thank our sales team.They work with customer closely,convey customers’ ideas to factory teams correctly and timely.Sales is a service position.They set up a bridge connecting customers and factory people.When customers give their idea,inquiry,request,sales respond immediately and transform the request into factory documents and send to different departments.All departments work together for one goal to meet customers request.

Thirdly,we must thank our production department.They take the production instructions from sales and then arrange the production correctly and timely to the different procedure.From samples making to colors modulation ,from mass production to product packing,every details contains the production peoples’ concentration.

Fourthly,we must thank our Quality control people.They take care of every details of the product in every process.They take the customers approval sample at hand when they check the products.Compare the production with the approval sample carefully in color,style,size,weight,flaw,packing,bar-code,shipping mark and other details to make sure the unqualified product must not be packed and shipped.


Finally,we must thank our customer.Thank you for their trust and support.When we recommend our new items to them,they spare no  efforts to promote our products.They keep acute insight for the market demand and distribute the goods to market,stores in time.

Kingston is a family,all staff love this family.The competition in today’s society is the competition for talents.Kingston has a great team.We will go further and further on the road of development.

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Post time: Nov-02-2022